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A Simple Guide to Declutter and Organise Your Home

We all have personal items we hold dear, no matter how old and used. We also have things we only bought a few months ago but no longer spark joy. And if you take a quick look around your home, you'll notice that some items clutter up the walls, floors, corners and drawers.

What can you do with your household items lying around the house?

Clutter is anything you keep at home that no longer adds value to your life. While clutter can feel like an unavoidable aspect of daily life, it doesn’t have to be. There are simple ways to minimise clutter, and this article will give some tips to help organise your home.

Evaluate Your Storage Space

You can buy sturdy cloth bins for the tops of your closets and organisers for your drawers, or you can install easy-to-construct shelves in unused spaces of your closets or tuck them into corners to help keep things organised.

The goal is to maximise the space as well as you can. If you are looking for extra storage, consider ottomans and bench seats that double as hidden storage for blankets and mementos.

Donate Some of Your Items

Take a look at your clothes, furniture, books and kitchenware. Ask yourself if you have used each of these items in the last three months or if you are sure you will use them in the next three months. We know it can be hard to let go of some of our personal belongings, but chances are you have more things that are just taking up space than the things you actually need or use.

One way to get rid of the items that you no longer have a use for is through donation. Gather up anything that doesn’t make the cut and take it all to your local charity shop to put them to good use. Some organisations donate them to the homeless, schools, libraries and community centres.

Clear Your Walls and Flat Surfaces

It can be hard to look at all of your decors and pick and choose between them, but you probably don’t need everything that you have displayed. Take a look at your tables, walls and cabinets and consider what decor you still like, and what is there because you just never removed it.

Decorations are seasonal items, which means they are put up on certain events or holidays and are supposed to be removed when the celebrations are over. Decluttering your decorations will keep the flat surfaces of your home clean, make your living space look bigger and make your surroundings feel more calming.

Book a Vault Mobile Storage Box

Decluttering your home can seem like an impossible task, but tackling the project one step at a time makes the entire process painless. Setting aside a single weekend for the project will let you get it done quickly, and you’ll be satisfied with your work at the end of the weekend.

There are always items you don’t use very often but need to keep—not necessarily at home though. When shelves are not enough to store items such as decorations, cold-weather clothing or bulky items like furniture, book a Vault mobile storage box in Adelaide.

Our mobile storage box is the best solution for items that are too big to fit in your closet or shelves. Using one will not only get the clutter out of your house but also keep these items safe and secure.

You can visit our website to get a quick quote or call our friendly team to book a mobile storage box.

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