The Vault Box

Capacity:12.80 cubix metres
Max load weight allowed:2 tonne
Unloaded box weight:700kg




How Many Boxes?

If you are unsure how many boxes you need call us and we can calculate if you provide a list of items to be stored.

As a guide refer below if you are storing an entire house.

1 or 2 Bedroom Unit 2 adults one child

2 Vault Boxes

3 Bedroom House 2 children

3 Vault Boxes

4 Bedroom House 2 children

4 Vault Boxes

The Vault Advantage

  • Strong, solid steel construction for complete security and weather-proofing
  • Lockable unique key system

Multiple Uses

  • For whatever you need stored, temporarily or longer term, with easy access for you
  • When renovating, moving home, re-locating elderly, de-cluttering, temporary office storage, need extra space
  • Also ideally suited for all forms of office storage, long-, medium- and short-term
  • What-ever the reason you have for wanting storage, we have the Vault for you

How Vault is delivered

  • We deliver to the address you desire
  • Unloading is quick, simple and silent, with our modern, state-of-the-art equipment
  • High maneuverability allows for exacting placement of the container
  • Positioned for your maximum convenience and easy access