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    We Deliver

    You can call us to deliver your mobile storage box in Ascot Park for a convenient and efficient way of storing your items.


    You Pack

    Pack your belongings with proper packing materials and load them in the mobile storage box.


    We Move

    Whether you want to keep the mobile storage box close to you or store it at our storage facility, the choice is yours.

    What Makes Vault the Top Choice in Ascot Park

    First Month Free

    We offer the first month FREE for at least 6 months of rentals of our mobile storage box in Ascot Park.

    Free Delivery

    We provide free delivery to Ascot Park so you can focus on packing your personal belongings and stick to your schedule. *Conditions apply

    Easy Online Payments

    Booking our mobile storage box in Ascot Park can be done quickly with our easy online payment system.

    Free Collection

    If you decide to move the mobile storage box to our storage facility, sit back because we can provide a free collection.

    Secure Storage

    If you want security, durability and convenience in a storage solution, a Vault mobile storage box is your best option.

    Long-Term Storage Options

    A Vault mobile storage box in Ascot Park is perfect for storing your personal belongings, whether short-term or long-term.

    Store on Your Driveway or at Our Storage Facility

    The best thing about using our mobile storage box in Ascot Park is the freedom to choose whether you store it on your driveway or at our secure storage facility. Either way, you can rest assured that your valuables will be safe and secure.

    What’s Included in a Vault Box?

    On top of having the choice of where to store your mobile storage box, you will also enjoy value-added services you cannot find in other storage providers in Ascot Park. Be one of the locals who continue to enjoy the best experience with our services!


    First Month Free

    Book our mobile storage box in Ascot Park for at least 6 months and enjoy the first month FREE!


    Weather Proofing and Insulation

    Nothing can be more secure and durable than our weatherproof and insulated mobile storage box.


    Free Delivery and Pickup

    You can relax at home because we provide free delivery and pickup of your mobile storage box in Ascot Park.


    Unique Key System

    On top of being weatherproof, our mobile storage box is fitted with a unique lock key system to maximise security.