October 19, 2022

Bringing a Storage unit to you VS going to a Storage unit

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A common inquiry is, “What sets mobile storage apart from self-storage?” In actuality, mobile storage is still a form of self-storage that has been upgraded to accommodate ‘storers’ evolving needs.

Similar to how low-cost airlines transformed the airline business, mobile storage is just an updated storage space solution that is essentially redefining the way people think about self-storage. The main variations are as follows:

Delivery or collection for convenience

Mobile storage companies come and take your belongings and safely store them for you. This allows the self-storage company to provide lower costs because it saves them space. Additionally, it saves users the expense of renting a vehicle to first load items into storage and remove them when that storage is no longer needed. You have to do this on your own if you use standard self-storage. The place where objects will be packaged receives a direct delivery of mobile storage units. This enables you to pack up the storage unit straight from the location where you were planning to store everything initially.

Storage space

Mobile self-storage lets you know how much room you need, so you don’t overpay. A further advantage is that you will know how much you can fit in the unit, whereas with self-storage you will have to make an educated estimate as to whether you have stored too much or too little belongings.


The majority of mobile storage companies will charge a little fee to access your items, but they will deliver them to your home. Traditional self-storage companies provide customers access whenever they want. Most consumers only need to retrieve their items once or twice a year, on average, if they store them long-term. This doesn’t work well for enterprises that require ongoing access, but it gives the typical household significant time, ease, and cost savings.

Help pack your storage

Mobile storage companies assist customers in properly and efficiently packing their goods. The mobile storage businesses offer packing assistance to help you make the most of the available space and avoid purchasing more space than you actually require. This frequently occurs in traditional self-storage when individuals pack individual units after a long day of packing and loading/unloading. The vast majority of self-storage businesses, whether mobile or traditional, will be able to provide you with materials for packaging of a satisfactory grade.


A white safety helmet hanging off a hook

Mobile storage units are much less noticeable than regular self-storage units because they don’t advertise their whereabouts (they don’t need to since they collect). The likelihood of theft is much reduced because mobile storage professionals restrict access. Traditional self-storage units experience frequent temperature variations and limited environmental control because they are continuously accessible. Although mobile units must also enter and exit, it is far less haphazard and more controlled. Nonetheless, we don’t want to overstate the case.


A good mobile storage company will ensure that the items they are putting in storage are listed in the inventory. This makes insurance much easier and ensures that you are aware of what is being stored. This is entirely up to you with traditional self-storage, thus the contents of the storage unit will be much more haphazard.

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