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    We Deliver

    Once you decide to book with us, our Vault Boxes will be dispatched and delivered to your specified location.


    You Pack

    Enjoy the flexibility to arrange and pack your possessions at your own pace.


    We Move

    Once you've packed, notify us and we’ll handle the subsequent steps.

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    Your First Month Is On Us!

    Enjoy a complimentary first month when you consistently rent our Vault Box for six months.

    Say Yes to Free Delivery

    Get free delivery when reserving our Vault Boxes in Clapham. *Terms and conditions apply.

    Enjoy Easy Online Payments

    Vault Mobile Storage makes storage payments effortlessly convenient with its user-friendly online payment options.

    Pay Nothing Upon Collection

    We offer a complimentary collection of Vault Boxes once you’re done packing.

    Safest Storage For Your Beloved Possessions

    Opt for our resilient and cutting-edge Vault Boxes to guarantee the safety of your valuable possessions.

    We Offer Long-Term Storage Solutions

    If short-term storage falls short, fret not! We can accommodate your belongings for a span ranging from a few weeks to several months.

    Vault Mobile Storage
    Opt for Vault Mobile Storage as your premier choice for storage solutions in Clapham.

    Benefit from waived first-month payment, complimentary delivery, and a free Vault Box collection. Inquire now for a prompt quote.

    What’s Included in a Vault Box?

    Secure your belongings worry-free with Vault Mobile Storage! Our premium Vault Boxes ensure the safety of your valuables, whether stored on-site or at our facility, with complimentary logistics coverage.


    First Month Free

    Take advantage of our offer for the initial month at no cost when you decide to store your Vault Box with us for six months and beyond.


    Weatherproofing and Insulation

    Your valuables are safeguarded from extreme temperatures and moisture in your Vault Box, ensuring protection and preventing damage.


    Free Delivery and Pickup

    At Vault Mobile Storage, we don't just provide free delivery – pickup is included as well!


    Unique Key System

    Have peace of mind knowing your valuables are secure with our unique key system designed exclusively for you.