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    We Deliver

    Your booking confirmation dispatches your Vault Box to your location. Count on us for an express delivery commitment that ensures your convenience.


    You Pack

    We understand that everyone has their own schedule. That's why we offer the flexibility for you to pack and arrange your items at your preferred pace. Our service is designed to accommodate your unique timeline.


    We Move

    Wrap up your packing, and at your convenience, reach out to us by phone. Our team will take charge, swiftly organising the pickup of your Vault. It's a hassle-free process designed with your ease in mind.

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    Zero-Cost Launch

    Dive into your Vault Box rental without reaching for your wallet. Commit to six months, and the kickoff is on us—your first month is absolutely free. Experience the ease of storage without the initial payment burden.

    Delivery Fee Exemption Bonus

    Unlock the bonus of free delivery by reserving our Vault Boxes in Concordia. Terms and conditions are in place, but your exemption from delivery fees makes it a deal not to be missed.

    Effortless Payment Solutions

    Simplify your life with Vault Mobile Storage's streamlined payment process. Our easy online methods ensure that making payments is a breeze. Experience unmatched convenience as you manage your transactions effortlessly.

    Collection Cost Elimination

    Pack stress-free and eliminate collection costs! Your satisfaction is our priority, and once you've packed your Vault Boxes, we'll pick them up at no expense. Experience the convenience without worrying about additional charges.

    Dependable Security for Your Assets

    Rest easy knowing your belongings are under the dependable security of our Vault Boxes. With advanced features and a robust build, we are dedicated to ensuring the safety of what matters most to you.

    Personalised Long-Term Storage Packages

    Embrace the comfort of personalised long-term storage solutions. Our tailored packages are here to accommodate your needs, whether it's a matter of weeks or extending into months. Experience storage on your terms.

    Vault Mobile Storage
    Seize the Advantage with Vault Mobile Storage in Concordia

    Opt for Vault Mobile Storage as your storage solution to enjoy waived payments, free delivery, and a complimentary Vault Box collection. Contact us now for a quick quote and experience the ease of hassle-free storage.

    What’s Included in a Vault Box?

    Discover true peace of mind with Vault Mobile Storage, your trusted choice for securing your possessions. Our exceptional Vault Boxes guarantee the safety of your valuables, and we provide complimentary logistics coverage, ensuring worry-free storage whether on-site or at our facility.


    First Month Free

    Commit to six months or more of Vault Box storage and receive an exciting bonus—the first month free! It's our special promotion to make your storage experience with us even more rewarding.


    Weatherproofing and Insulation

    Your possessions deserve the best, and that's what Vault Box delivers. With weatherproofing and insulation features, we create a secure haven, sheltering your belongings from the elements and preserving their well-being.


    Free Delivery and Pickup

    Elevate your storage experience with Vault Mobile Storage. Opt for the effortless convenience of both free delivery and pickup services, ensuring that every aspect of your storage process is smooth and hassle-free.


    Unique Key System

    Experience security like never before with our unique key system. Tailored with distinct security measures, it guarantees unmatched peace of mind for the safety of your cherished belongings.