May 27, 2019

Making a Plan For When You Move

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 Moving from one home to another can be a very exciting and busy time as well. For some this might be moving into a new home they purchased, for others it’s a rental. Regardless of that situation, it’s a chance for a new start in a new location. Moving to a new home is also an opportunity to re-organize your personal life. During the process you might find items you though were lost and discover items you had given up on finding. You will also might find you need temporary storage space to use as a transition area during your move. Adelaide Mobile Storage facilities offer storage units you can use during your move and afterwards as well to stay organized. Staying organized during your move makes the entire process easier.

Find Your Important Documents

Before you do anything else to facilitate your move, find all of the important documents in your home. These can include personal ones such as birth certificates, social security cards, marriage certificates and any other personal documents. Locate any business documents you have scored at your home. Next find the documents that you need for the sale, purchase or rental of your property. Put these in a safe and easily located container such as a box or safe and store it in your self-storage facility you have chosen. This will reduce the chances of misplacing or throwing these documents away during the moving process.

Move Unused Items Into Storage

Reduce the amount of items that you are paying movers for boxing or moving by moving your unused items to Adelaide Mobile Storage. This storage facility can be used for items such as kitchen supplies, seasonal items, dishes and glasses, as well as electronics you no longer use on a regular basis. The key is to get these items that you can transport easily out of the way at Adelaide Mobile Storage. If you have room, move small pieces of furniture that will not be needed between that time and when you move into the new location. The key is to reduce the work for any movers that you have hired, as that can reduce your expenses.

Confirm Your Moving Plans With All That Are Involved

Keep in touch with everyone that is involved in your upcoming move. If you are closing on a house, work with your attorney or broker to confirm the closing schedule and when you can move into your new location. Confirm when you must vacate your current location and make arrangements to stay somewhere for the short term if there is a gap between when you must move out and can move into the new location. Contact utility providers such as electric, water and Cable/Internet to have them turned off at your previous location and activated at your new location. Do the same with your mail service, providing a forwarding address for any mail that is received after you move from your current location.

Make Family Arrangements For Family Members and Pets

If your entire family that is moving includes children or elderly relatives, make arrangements to limit their involvement in the day or days of the move. Make arrangements for someone to watch your children, pets and elderly relatives. Determine how those people or pets will get to the locations that they need to be, before the actual moving day. This will reduce your list of items to take care of on the moving day itself.

Finalize Arrangements With Your Moving Company

If you are using a moving company, finalize your plans with them. If the moving company will not only be moving your possessions but packing them as well, confirm the amount of time this will take to be completed. Ask the moving company if you are allowed to be in either location to assist, or if they prefer you to remain out of the way to provide them with space while preparing and moving. If you are boxing your items yourself, mark the boxes clearly as to what room they should be delivered to and provide a map to assist the movers in locating those locations at their destination.

Preparation Is The Key

Moving does not have to be a stressful time. It can be a fun and exciting opportunity. The key is to make sure you are prepared for your move in advance. Start preparing as far in advance as possible and do a little bit at a time to reduce the work on your actual moving day.

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