November 26, 2018

 How mobile storage can help in the holiday season

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Life can get pretty hectic during the holidays. Decorations, guests, gifts and get-togethers can leave your space cluttered and you feeling flustered. Get it under control with Mobile Self Storage in Adelaide. The right Self Storage unit in Adelaide can make it easy for you to simplify your life and streamline your holiday season.




No matter how much you want to be a gracious host, you don’t need to open your entire house to your guests. Decide which rooms are going to be used the most and which you will be keep private. Then, declutter and organize the priority rooms while leaving non-priority areas till last. You can even skip them if you’re in a real time crunch. After all, who’s going to be poking around in the garage? All that extra clutter can be kept in storage until the holidays are over.



Maximise your space

Crowded living areas are just not conducive to entertaining, and holiday decorations can make matters worse. Instead of trying to cram even more things into a room like a real-life game of Tetris™, free up space by moving your excess furniture and accessories into your Adelaide storage unit. Empty your office so that it can be transformed into a guest room for overnight guests, and move more seating into the main area of your home to accommodate party guests.




Decorations can take up shelf space and wall space that you’re currently using. Keep your home from feeling overdone by taking down pictures, knick-knacks and other bits and pieces and storing them. You might also want to store valuables, antiques and family heirlooms not just to get them out of the way but also to protect them. Climate-controlled Mobile Self Storage will give you peace of mind that your most priceless possessions are safe and secure during this merry time of year.



Get creative

When you run out of surfaces to decorate, go vertical. Add glitter and glitz to the walls, archways, banisters and other spaces that won’t crowd you or your guests out. In fact, some of the best decorations, like fairy lights, mistletoe and evergreen garlands, don’t take up much room at all. Keep a few boxes and some packing material or bubble wrap on hand so that you can pack your holiday decor back up again at the end of the season. Self Storage solutions are available in all shapes and sizes to accommodate your holiday decor and more.



Keep things moving

Entryways are notorious for getting clogged with shoes, wraps and other debris. Use decorative pegs to hang your guests’ outerwear and baskets or shoe racks to keep shoes neat and organized. Since your kitchen is likely to be the heart of the party, find a way to keep things circulating around it. Arrange furnishings so that guests can easily drop dishes off or serve themselves. Keep drinks easily accessible or at a drink station so that people don’t need to keep backtracking into the kitchen where they could cause a traffic jam.

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