August 30, 2022

The Best Way Self Storage Can Help you Save Money

The Best Way Self Storage Can Help you Save Money

One problem that pretty much all of us have, is too much stuff and not enough space. It’s not quite as simple as getting a bigger house (as nice as that would be!) and decluttering is important, but it will often only get you so far. For that reason, self storage is a great service to utilise- however some people can be put off thinking it’s too expensive and something they can live without. But self storage often isn’t as pricey as you’d think, and in many cases it can actually save you money! Here are some of the reasons why. 

It frees up a spare room in your home

Where are you currently storing the things you don’t have space for in your home? If you have a spare room, chances are it’s filled with this sort of stuff which renders the actual room useless. If you empty the room and store items in self storage instead, you’ll be able to make use of this space again and there’s so much potential in a spare room. For example, you could rent it out to a lodger and generate a stream of income. You could even start a home-based business and use the room as your office. 

You can run a business yourself

Speaking of running a business, self storage is another way you can run a business from home. Not just by clearing space so that you can have a work area , but you could use the unit store stock and materials too. Many home based businesses are limited in what they can do due to space, most of us don’t have huge areas to warehouse products and inventory. But if you hire a secure self storage area you can fulfil customer orders directly from the unit, or bring only what you need into your home as you go. This means you can still take advantage of buying bulk or wholesale which will enable you to boost your profits. 

You could save money on groceries

Box cut in half with yellow and red writing and canned chicken noodle soup inside

It’s no secret that we’re in the middle of a cost of living crisis. The price of everything has gone up, and so making cutbacks including on your groceries and shopping is a smart move. If you don’t have space for a pantry at home, have you ever considered using a cheap self-storage unit? This enables you to stock up, you can buy things when they’re on offer and create your own personal ‘mini shop’ that you can go and use to stock up your home as and when it is needed. Use coupons and vouchers and shop around for the best deals and buy them when you see them. That way, when you need the item it will already have been purchased for a good price. As well as long life foods such as jars, tins, dried grains, herbs and more- consider things like toiletries and cleaning products. Consider how much money you’ll save when you’re not at the mercy of these huge price fluctuations we’re dealing with at the minute- it can be a massive amount saved even when the cost of hiring the storage unit is factored in. 

How would you use self-storage to save yourself money?

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