November 22, 2022

The ways that you can use a mobile Storage unit

A truck holding mobile Storage units

Mobile storage is a great alternative solution to traditional fixed storage units. Instead of having to drive to a self storage facility to access your items, you can have a mobile unit delivered to your property that you can easily access when you want. Our Brighton storage units are cost-effective, secure and weatherproof. Below are just a few good reasons why you may want to rent out mobile storage.

Move out items while renovating

While renovating your home, possessions such as furniture and ornaments could end up getting in the way. There could also be a risk of such items being knocked or splattered by paint if they are not moved. Moving such items to another part of your home may not be an option if you haven’t got much space. This is where mobile storage can come into use.

You can conveniently store all your possessions in a storage unit outside your home while your home is being renovated. You/your contractors will be able to easily get on with their work without negotiating obstacles, and your possessions will be protected from damage. 

Pack items in your own time while moving

When hiring trucks and vans while moving, you typically have to deal with expensive daily rental fees. You may only have a limited time to get everything in a truck and move it to your new property. 

Packing all or some of your items into a mobile storage unit gives you more time. You won’t feel as rushed when moving and could save money.

Temporarily rent out space in your home

Thinking of renting out a bedroom in your home to a lodger? Or perhaps you’re thinking of renting out your entire home while travelling? 

A mobile storage unit allows you to clear out space in your home for a lodger or tenant to temporarily move in. All of your personal items can be safely secured inside the storage unit until the lodger/tenant moves out. 

Take time to sort out inherited possessions

When inheriting lots of possessions from a loved one, you may need time to sort through everything. Selling a loved one’s home could be a priority and so you may not be able to keep the possessions here. At the same time, you may not have space in your home to move in all of these inherited possessions.

Putting all of these items into a mobile storage unit outside your home gives you time to decide which sentimental items you want to keep and which you want to let go of. It could also give you time to sell and donate items. 

Provide yourself with extra space for storage

Running out of space to store belongings in your home? A mobile storage unit on your premises could provide extra space for storing all of your stuff.

This can be useful for storing bulky seasonal items like Christmas trees, suitcases or sports equipment (like skis or surfboards). It could even allow you to convert clutter zones into new living spaces (for example, it could allow you to convert an attic into a bedroom, or a shed into an outdoor bar).

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