May 21, 2020

5 Reasons to Store Your Child’s Artwork

mother and son drawing

Children are such a delightful part of life. They join the family– bald and squeaky– and soon grow into little humans with their own personalities and self expressions. Before you know it, they’re rock climbing and taking college classes! It all happens so fast.

As they grow up, it’s important to keep mementos from the past, reminding parents of bygone days when their children were learning how to draw, cut, glue, and create. Here are five reasons to store your child’s artwork for the future.

Mementos Remind Parents of the Past

a mother hugging her daughter after she made her a mothers day card

You remember that joyous day when you received your first Mother’s Day card from your son? He placed his hand on the card and traced it, showing you how small his five fingers are and his preference for green crayon.

Keep this card forever with Mobile Storage Adelaide, so you can bring it out and evoke those precious memories when he is older, married, and has children of his own.

Your Kids Will Want to See Their Artwork

a child's creating drawing if two butterflies in a field

Think about how precious it would be to show your daughter the drawing she made of what she wanted her wedding to be when she was seven years old. You can bring this picture out the night before she actually gets married!

She will love the nostalgic thrill this artwork will provide, and you’ll feel even more connected to her on the special day when she becomes a bride.

Prove to Yourself Those Memories Happened

a boy happily showing off his drawing

As we age, we sometimes forget our memories from long ago. Keep your children’s artwork at Mobile Storage Adelaide, and you’ll get to jog your memory a bit every time you bring it out. You’ll see a horse your child drew at age four, and you’ll suddenly remember all of those times when she begged you for a pet pony of her very own. You’ll see the drawing she made of the farm house you all lived in, and remember how cold it got in the winter. Maybe you’ll even see the picture she drew of your cat, who passed away long ago.

Storage is Safer than Damp Basement

a mother storing her kids artwork in a flat cardboard box

Your home could flood, your basement could mold, or your pets could chew up your boxes. The safest place for your children’s artwork is Mobile Storage Adelaide. Preserve those strings of paper chain and finger paintings in storage, to make sure they will be safe and secure for years to come.

Compare Their Artwork to Your Grandchildren’s Work

a girl painting a very unique rainbow using watercolor

Someday, you hope to have grandchildren. Won’t it be amazing when you get to compare your child’s artwork with the creative expressions of their own children? Perhaps your son always loved drawing stick figures, but his son uses shade and perspective. Maybe your daughter loved sculpture, and her daughter is obsessed with paper mache.

It will be tremendously rewarding to surprise your grandchildren with examples of their parents’ art. Kids often forget that their parents were once children as well. What better way to connect the generations than to bring out stored artwork to provide continuity over time.

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