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How to Pack Your Mobile Storage Box

When moving to another city or state, replacing old furniture with new, or renovating your kitchen, living room or bathroom, booking a mobile storage hire to store your valuables can save them from getting damaged. Getting a mobile storage box serves as a temporary home that can safeguard your items while you are away or need extra space or the renovation is underway—regardless of whether you're storing it on your property or at a storage facility.

A mobile storage box is a convenient option during the above situations; however, if you do not know how to pack your items correctly, they could break or get damaged—and you might not realise it until the day you access the box. Packing is a unique process you must learn before moving to a new city or renovating your home. Although packing can be a stressful and chaotic process, if doing it right will ensure that your valuables are protected, safe and intact for the whole storage period, then it's worth doing.

Many locals hiring a mobile storage box in Adelaide need to learn how to pack the unit correctly. But because many are unaware of it, the common mistake is they would shove all their things in the storage box, as they would in their shed or stock room. As the leading mobile storage in Adelaide, we compiled a list of helpful tips and steps for packing a storage box, like we always tell our clients.

5 Steps to Pack Your Storage Box

Start With a Plan

You can put anything you want in the mobile storage box, from your old furniture and kitchen supplies to your expensive collectibles, even your filing cabinets and clothes racks. It will help if you make a list of the items that need storage, so you won’t miss anything and can store them with peace of mind and confidence.

Stock Up on Packing Materials

You can’t simply throw your personal belongings in the mobile storage box without wrapping them with packing materials, especially your fragile items. You need to pay attention to what you are packing so you can use the correct packing materials and avoid scratches and damage. After deciding which valuables need storage, you need to stock up on these materials: boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap, tape and scissors. You don’t have to buy everything if you can find them in your home.

Decide on the Order and Placement

Once your items are ready to be loaded in the mobile storage box, decide on their order and placement based on their size, shape, weight and quantity. That way, it's easy to stack them inside and access them when needed. Deciding on the placement involves careful decision-making so you don't bury something important you’ll need to pull out, even on short notice.

Pack Your Storage Box Tightly

When we say pack your mobile storage box tightly, we don't mean that you fill it up from the floor to the ceiling, leaving no room for air to flow and no way of getting through to access your items. What this means is filling in empty spaces with pillows or blankets to ensure stability, maximise the space and for added protection, preventing your items from shifting if you decide to store the box at our storage facility. If you have drawers and cabinets, you may use packing tape to ensure they are tightly shut.

Pack Important Items in the Front

When you pack your mobile storage box, you need to pull things back from the door because they could easily fall out or be caught by the door as it opens. You also cannot simply throw your items into the room, hoping they will fit. If you think you'll need to access your documents or electronic supplies soon, place them in the front where they are within reach and not buried underneath.

Ask The Experts

Whether you're storing on your property or at our storage facility, pack your mobile storage box well to ensure the safety and stability of your personal belongings inside. With these packing tips, we hope you can avoid making mistakes in the future. To make your move or renovation seamless, get your storage box from the leading mobile storage in Adelaide. If you have questions or need more about booking with Vault, call us or visit our FAQ page.

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