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Mobile Storage Rental: Giving Your Items a Temporary Home When Moving House

Regardless of the reason why you are moving—whether you are turning your place into an Airbnb or apartment, preparing your home for sale, or working in another state or country—one of the first things that come to mind is to think of a place to store some of your belongings temporarily and keep them safe and secure until you figure what to do with them or until the day you need to retrieve them.

There are several ways and places to store your personal belongings when moving house: if not in your garage or an empty room at home, you can even store them at a friend’s or your family’s house. But have you considered looking for a mobile storage rental option in Adelaide? You might have, but you probably thought it would be expensive and inconvenient to travel to and from the storage facility, right?

Here is some good news: using a mobile storage rental solution in Adelaide doesn’t have to be expensive. You also don’t need to drive to the storage company’s warehouse to access your belongings. How? We’ll cover these essential questions and answers below.

An Innovative Pod Storage Solution

Needless to say, mobile storage is an excellent option for those who need storage for a short period of time but do not have extra space at home.

In this day and age, it has become extremely useful for home owners who need additional space to store contents temporarily. When you are moving house and don’t know what to do with some of your belongings, keeping them in a secure storage box is a safe, cost-effective way to give your valuables a temporary home.

Unlike the traditional storage option that you’ve probably heard of or tried before, mobile storage hires and offers a modern and convenient pod storage solution that allows you to keep the box or container in your preferred location, whether that be in your front yard or at a friend’s place. So if you want to have convenient access to your belongings, keeping the mobile storage box close to you could be the perfect solution.

Keeping Your Items Close to Home

In our other blogs, we’ve explained a few reasons why you should consider getting a mobile storage box when moving house to keep your belongings safe inside.

Less Expensive

If your budget is tight, then you might want to consider renting a mobile storage box instead of traditional storage options. Mobile storage provides great value for money because you won’t have to hire trailers or trucks to move or store, as we’ll deliver the storage box directly to you.


A mobile storage box for hire allows you more convenience and ease of access. If you get a mobile storage box delivered to your desired location, it's easier to start packing the items you want to store inside the box or container while keeping it close to your family or another trusted person. If the time comes that you figure out that you don’t need to access your belongings for a few months, you can ask the company to pick up the box and move it to the storage facility until you need to use it again.


While it's true that most mobile storage companies have cameras and other methods of ensuring the safety of their units, keeping your box in your desired location also gives peace of mind since your belongings are near someone you trust. If your or your friend's property also has enough space to position the box and a security camera for 24-hour surveillance, you can secure it how you want and monitor it at all hours of the day.

Giving You Security and Flexibility

When moving house, there are many storage alternatives available, but mobile storage rental remains the most in-demand option for those who want a cost-effective, short-term storage solution. We also know that moving house can be a stressful time, which is why we offer flexible storage options to make things easier for you. You can keep the storage box on-site or at our facility until you are settled into your new home.

As a mobile storage company for many years, Vault continues to provide innovative mobile storage solutions to different types of clients who have different storage needs. Two main reasons why people who are moving house prefer our mobile storage over traditional storage are security and flexibility.

We have a secure facility in Adelaide where we keep our mobile storage boxes. Our storage containers are durable and weatherproof with a unique lock key system to ensure maximum security. Our access hours to the facility are also extremely flexible. Whenever you need to add another item or want to move something out, you can give us a call, and we will find a time that suits you.

If you prefer the convenience of being able to easily load and unload your stuff at any given time, you can ask us to deliver your mobile storage box to your desired location. We see this as a working option for clients who feel more confident and at ease if someone they personally know can keep an eye on their belongings and have access to the box whenever they need to.
Vault boxes will serve as a safe temporary home for your valuables while you're away or while you don’t need access to them. Our mobile storage boxes also come in different sizes to suit all your home and office storage needs, depending on what items you wish to store. So whether it’s your furniture, gym equipment, electrical appliances, and other belongings, you will always have the extra space to keep your valuables safe, dry, and protected.

Vault Mobile Storage Box Sizes

Vault storage containers are durable and weatherproof with a unique lock key system to ensure maximum security. We have different sizes to fit the items you wish to store temporarily. They come in either small or large sizing to make it easier for you to decide which mobile storage unit is best for your needs and what you need to store.

Small Vault Box
Capacity: 10 cubic meters
Max load weight allowed: 2 tones

Large Vault Box 
Capacity: 12.80 cubic meters
Max load weight allowed: 2 tones
Unloaded box weight: 700 kg

Customer Service Excellence

One of the most obvious advantages of our mobile storage rental is that when you’re finished using it, you can call us to come and pick up your box.

In addition, we combine our durable and weatherproof mobile storage boxes with excellent customer service. We always communicate well with our clients to understand their needs. Our commitment is to accommodate your storage needs and serve you from the day you need our mobile storage hire services until you’re ready to retrieve your belongings.

Quick to Respond
Quick to Deliver
Easy to Store

Easy to Move
Secure Storage Facility
Steel Strong Mobile Storage Boxes

When moving house, remember that Vault is here to provide you with comprehensive mobile storage solutions that are affordable and easily accessible, whether you require the box on-site or at the storage facility. We can also calculate the estimated cost if you provide us with a list of your items to be stored. If you are unsure how many mobile storage boxes you need, you can visit Vault Box Sizes or contact us for immediate assistance.

There may be several ways to store your personal belongings temporarily when moving house, our mobile storage solutions in Adelaide provide maximum security, convenient access, and modern flexibility that you can't find in other companies.