September 21, 2022

How To Protect Your Personal Belongs When They Are Going Into Self Storage

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How To Protect Your Personal Belongs When They Are Going Into Self Storage

When you are moving or downsizing, self-storage can be a great way to keep your belongings safe. But how do you protect your personal belongings when they are in storage? Whether it be heirlooms or jewelry or just everyday items, here are some tips on how to keep your belongings safe.


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Cover your furniture

Furniture is one of the most important things to protect when it is in storage. Covering your furniture with blankets or sheets will help to keep it clean and dust-free. You may also want to wrap sensitive items like lamps and vases in bubble wrap for extra protection.

Store your clothes in plastic bags

Storing your clothes in plastic bags will keep them clean and free from insects. You can also put mothballs in the bags to deter moths.

Use storage bins for small items

Small items like jewelry and electronics should be stored in storage bins. This will help to keep them organized and prevent them from getting lost.

Label everything

Labeling all of your belongings will help you to find things when you need them. You can label storage bins with the contents inside or use a labeling system like color coding. Being organized will save you time and frustration when you are looking for something in storage.

Keep an inventory

Keeping an inventory of everything that is in storage will help you to keep track of your belongings. This can be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim or if something is stolen. Just remember to keep this list in a safe place.

Get insurance

Getting insurance for your belongings is a good way to protect them while they are in storage. This will help to cover the cost of replacement if something is damaged or stolen.

Store your belongings in a secure location

When you are choosing a self-storage unit, make sure to choose one that is in a secure location. The unit should have a good security system in place and be located in a safe neighborhood.

Choose the right size unit

Choosing the right size storage unit is important. If you choose a unit that is too small, your belongings may be crammed in and more likely to get damaged. If you choose a unit that is too large, you will be wasting space and money.

Visit the facility regularly

If possible, try to visit your storage unit every month or so. This will help you to make sure that everything is in order and that your belongings are safe.

Keep valuables in a safe deposit box

If you have valuables that you are worried about, consider keeping them in a safe deposit box inside the storage unit. This will help to protect them from damage or theft.

In Closing

Self-storage can be a great way to protect your belongings. We work hard to attain our possessions, so it only makes sense to do what we can to keep them safe. By following these tips, you can help to keep your belongings safe while they are in storage.

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