December 1, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Self-Storage

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Self-storage businesses are expanding by offering mobile self-storage to their customers. With mobile self-storage, it will let you use the space that you need without wasting money or time making multiple truckloads going to a self storage facility. One of the best things about this type of storage is that it can be transported while loaded. This simply means that you can take the storage with you as you move to another place. 

Mobile Self-Storage Containers

If you have finally decided to choose mobile self-storage instead of storing your items in a storage facility, then here is a guide to making the most out of your mobile self-storage container. This will ensure that every space will be utilized. 

Guide to Using Mobile Self-Storage

Large Furniture

All of your large furniture should be placed at the back of the storage container. This will help maximize the space of your container, thus providing more space for other items. If possible, make sure to disassemble certain furniture, including bed frames and tables to help fill in the gaps. For mattresses and couches, it would be best to place them vertically to optimize space in your storage container. 

Clothing and Fabrics

Before storage, it is advisable to wash all clothing and other types of fabrics. Unwashed fabrics can lead to infestation of pest, which can then ruin linens, curtains, or clothing. It would be best to pack the clothing last to help them fill in gaps especially if you have limited space. When packing clothing and other fabrics, avoid using plastic bags as they can get damaged over time due to moisture buildup.

Clean Appliances

Before placing them in storage, make sure to thoroughly clean your electrical and kitchen appliances. Dry them before placing them in the boxes or in the storage itself. For a refrigerator, leave the doors slightly open for some good ventilation. For larger appliances and furniture, they should be kept at the back as mentioned earlier. 

Use Boxes

When packing your belongings, it would be best to use high-quality boxes to ensure that it is sturdy enough to handle everything. Boxes are easy to stack, which means that there will be little to no space that will be wasted. In each box, make sure to leave some extra space at the top so you can fill it with bubble wrap for extra protection.

Piles of cardboard boxes

Additional Tips On Using Mobile Self-Storage

Label – Label everything inside the storage container so you know what contents each box has. You can either label them by name or by category so you know where to get them when the time comes.

Inventory – Create an accurate inventory of all your belongings so you can keep track. This is especially important if you own more than one mobile self-storage container. 

Utility Straps – For electronic and kitchen appliances, you can use utility straps and dolly to help control their weight better. You can also use the straps to stabilize all the layers that you’re going to create. 

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