December 20, 2018

5 different uses for Mobile Storage

When you need the convenience of additional storage, but you don’t have the time or proper automobile to drive to and from a storage unit, consider Adelaide Mobile Storage. Mobile storage is an ideal solution during busy times in your life when you simply can’t make multiple trips to a storage facility. These five different uses for Adelaide Mobile Storage offer a glimpse at the utility and ease of use of these storage solutions.

Remodeling your home
Remodeling your home is a big project, and the work creates a lot of debris and dust. The last thing you need is for your family heirlooms or sensitive electronics to be damaged by the work being done in your house. Adelaide Mobile Storage allows you to take your furniture and belongings out of one room, put them in the storage unit and take them out any time. As the workers move from one part of your house to another, swapping out your belongings from the mobile storage unit is easy.

Preparing your home for sale
An overstuffed home is a turn-off to prospective buyers. When you’re getting ready to list your house for sale, an Adelaide Mobile Storage is an optimal solution for making more space and showing off the best of what your home has to offer. Many real estate agents recommend removing one-third of your belongings from your home. This creates more space and allows prospective buyers to visualise how their own furnishings would look inside of the house. You should also remove personal items, including family photographs, extra clothing and large collections. The Adelaide Mobile Storage unit can be returned to your home or your new dwelling at any time.

Hosting a large family gathering
Perhaps you’re preparing to host a large family gathering, but your home is a bit too crowded with furniture, collectibles, off-season clothing and leisure time items. An Adelaide Mobile Storage allows you to clear out some of these things that would get in the way of hosting your event. You could also remove some fragile or precious items that you wouldn’t want your guests to damage, such as your collection of crystal figurines or your model train set.

Storing belongings after household damage
If you’ve had a household flood, burst pipe or fire, you may need to vacate your house so that repairs can be made. You’ll want to remove the salvageable items so that the workers have enough space to make the needed repairs. Your temporary living arrangements might not have enough space for your belongings, but a mobile storage unit will. After your home is repaired, the Adelaide Mobile Storage can be brought back to you.

Managing supplies for a worksite
When you’re the manager or coordinator of a residential or commercial construction project, you’ll need a place for tools and equipment to be stored and secured. A mobile storage unit is an ideal solution for this situation. The storage unit could stay at the project site until the work is complete.

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