February 9, 2021

Tips for Preserving your Car Battery

Woman driving a car

A battery is important for your automobile because it helps to ignite the car engine and even charge your phone. If you notice any problem with your car battery, consider changing it or do something to ensure it lasts longer. Your car battery is supposed to last about two to five years, and so you should preserve it accordingly to ensure it survives through that period. A tremendously hot day can drain the car battery, and it might be damaged, and so you must take the relevant precautions. The heat evaporates the battery fluids, thereby destroying the interior structure. This is the reason batteries last lesser time in warmer climates compared to the cooler ones.

Reduce Power Usage when the Engine is Off

A person putting a finger on the start engine button

Car batteries are in perfect condition when they are almost fully charged. Therefore, if the engine is off, the internal lights or headlights should be off. Even after driving, you must confirm that all the accessories have been turned off, and when walking away, check the lights to see they are off. This will save on the battery, and during the next ride, you will not need to jump-start it. If you realize that after driving the battery isn’t charging fully, you can it severally in a month until it resumes the normal levels.

Avoid the Short Trips Drive

A woman driving a car

Once you start the car, the battery gets a workout, but once the journey starts, the engine recharges it. Since the amount of power drawn during starting is a lot, a short trip will not recharge the battery accordingly. If this happens repeatedly, the battery voltage will decrease steadily, making it hard for the car to start. Therefore, drive the car regularly and, if possible, for extended periods. For those who don’t drive frequently, they should invest in chargers or take the car to a Mobile Storage Adelaide to maintain the right voltage.

Ensure the Battery is Tightly Fastened

When driving, vibration will occur, especially if on a rough road. This can shorten the battery life, and so you need to have a battery clamp that will keep it tight always. More vibration could cause interior damages to the components in there leading to short-circuiting and minimal battery life. You should take the car regularly to a Mobile Storage Adelaide for correct tightening because if you overdo it, the battery can be damaged. Also, frequently disconnecting the battery can make it lose, and so you must tighten it nicely after storing it in a specialised unit.

Clean the Battery

A person cleaning car batteries with a brush

The battery top should be dry, clean, and not have grime because battery discharging can happen easily. This will cause short-circuiting, and the battery will flatten. The terminals will corrode with time, but if you clean the battery regularly, it will remain functional for an extended period. You do not have to visit the Mobile Storage Adelaide because with a toothbrush, water, and baking soda proper cleaning can be done. After that, a spray bottle can rinse with some cold water and then dried with a cloth.

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