March 30, 2021

Benefits of a “Slow” Move

A couple busy moving

Moving houses can drain you both mentally and financially. The process of moving is overwhelming, from looking for a new place, packing and completing the manual labour needed to move. To others, moving houses comes when handling other essential responsibilities like kids, full-time jobs, and house chores.

Take your time to strategise, say two or three weeks before moving. Stay calm, plan, and get things done slowly. This way, you ensure you don’t forget any important detail. Below are some advantages you enjoy when you move slowly to your new place.

Enough Time to Sort Your Stuff Out

Empty cardboard boxes

Now that you are in the planning stage, you can start by sorting out your stuff while you discard the ones you don’t need. This strategy will reduce the number of things you need to pack. It may take time but will save you more time when you start packing or unpacking in your new home. Donate the discarded items to a charity organisation. It will make you feel freer and lighter.

You Have Ample Time to Pack

To ensure you don’t leave anything you may need in your new house behind, do the packing in one room at a time and take less possible time. You can start from the storeroom, a place you don’t frequent but contains things you occasionally use like sports gears, appliances, or seasonal clothing.

Time to Transfer or Cancel Home Services

A woman talking on the phone

Home service providers require time to withdraw or move the services to your new home. You need to call them beforehand to inquire if they operate where you intend to move to. If not, cancel the services and ask for the service providers’ contacts in your new location. Call and schedule for the dates you need the services connected.

Time To Remodel/ Repaint Your New Home

A couple renovating a home

We all have different tastes and preferences in life. If you are not moving in a hurry, you get enough time to clean and change your home’s image into something you desire, pick the paint colours you love, and get the job done.

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