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What Makes Mobile Storage Better Than Traditional Storage

When it comes to storage, there are two main options: a traditional storage unit at a business warehouse and a mobile storage box that comes to you. Although both options fulfil the job of storing your possessions, using a mobile storage box can be a much more convenient option, especially for a busy lifestyle.

Whether you are moving home, doing some renovation or simply decluttering and needing storage for your unused items, it is important that you choose the best solution to your needs. If you’re contemplating which you should go for, we can help you explore the differences between traditional storage and Vault mobile storage in particular in this article.

Vault Mobile Storage

Modern Storage Solution

Maximum Convenience

High-Level Security System

Flexible Unit


Traditional Storage

Self-Storage Solution

Less Convenient for You


Limited Access to Your Belongings

Limited Availability

Maximum Convenience

The big difference between the two storage options is convenience. With traditional storage, there are no delivery options, so you will take care of the delivery yourself, which requires time, money and effort. With mobile storage, there's no need to drive or rent a truck, as it brings security and protection to you.

When your mobile storage box is at your home, it is easy to get to your belongings when it suits you. You can simply go out to load or unload items as needed. This is especially convenient if you’re selling your home, as you can store items you don’t use daily, and you will have less to pack when moving day arrives.

High-Level Security

Our mobile storage box is weatherproof and insulated to withstand the South Australian weather. It is also designed with a unique lock key system for high-level security and to ensure that only you can access the box.

Our storage facility is also CCTV monitored and secure. So even if you ask our team to move the mobile storage box to our facility, we can guarantee your items will be safe and protected. We want to give you confidence and complete peace of mind.

Flexible Unit Access

When it comes to mobile storage, convenience is intertwined with accessibility. With traditional storage, the time of access is controlled by facility regulations. With your mobile storage, you can access your items at your convenience, and you don’t have to worry about business hours or driving across town at rush hour.

Even if you store at our storage facility, you can easily arrange unit access by submitting a request access form through our website. Accessibility is the main factor in considering a storage option, but we are ready to give you that and more.

Cost-Effective Solution

A modern solution like Vault mobile storage box is proven more cost-effective for short-term and long-term storage than traditional self-storage options. Also, traditional self-storage isn't always available, with some facilities closed during specific days or holidays.

With Vault, your mobile storage box is ready to use as soon as it arrives at your location. You can store your personal belongings for as long as you need and access them when desired. Not to mention we provide free delivery and collection. **Conditions apply

Get Your Vault Mobile Storage Box Delivered

We don't offer the traditional self-storage unit you might be used to. Our pod storage solution is the modern and convenient solution you deserve for your storage needs. Having a mobile storage box on your property makes your life easy, as you don't need to drive to a storage facility or worry about access hours.

On top of the reasons above, we also provide value-added services that you will enjoy.

First Month Free

Easy Online Payments

Free Delivery

Free Collection

Secure Storage

Long-Term Storage Options

Unique Key System

Weather Proofing and Insulation

Get premium storage solutions from the leading mobile storage company in Adelaide. Our professional team is ready to provide assistance and help fulfil your storage requirements. Get a quote today or visit our website for more information. 

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