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What to Do With Your Belongings When Working Overseas or Interstate

Store your belongings - Taking an extended work contract overseas or interstate can be exciting but figuring out what to do with your belongings is no easy feat. Most of the time, it's in the last few weeks before leaving home that it hits you hard. When you are in a situation like this, the pressing question of what to do with all your stuff while you are gone inevitably comes up.

You can start with identifying which among your belongings are the most essential—those items that go wherever you go—then you can decide to sell your unwanted items, give them away, or drop them off at donation centres. But what about your other big items, such as furniture and whitegoods, that are also valuable and in good condition, but you can’t take these with you?

This is when you have to think about the options available to you, whether you should sell the items or get rid of them completely because you will only be away temporarily and not necessarily relocating or moving. If the reason for being away for an extended period is a change of work contract or contract extension, you might still be coming back home during holidays or when your contract expires.

So what do you do with your items that are too big and valuable to you? Our solution, instead of getting rid of all your items at home, is to store them in a vault mobile storage box.

Store Your Belongings in a Mobile Storage Box

store your belongings when moving overseas or interstate

If your home is not as secure as you’d like, keeping your precious belongings there while you are gone may not be the safest idea. Maybe your home has multiple rooms, including some decent storage areas, but since you’ll be away from home for quite a long time, you may choose to rent your home to cover some of your travel costs. In this case, you’d want to protect the valuables you have and may wish to keep them away from tenants and avoid any potential damage or loss of goods from your home.

Store your belongings - You may not have family members or a friend available who can look after your items while you're away. At Vault Mobile Storage we can offer pod storage solutions to suit your needs and deliver a storage box right to your door.

Storing your whitegoods and other personal belongings in a mobile storage box while you are away for either a short or a long period of time is a common option among people who have to work in another state or country. Hiring a mobile storage box is a popular choice because it is one of the most efficient solutions to ensuring that your items are kept secure and safe while you’re away.

What Vault Mobile Storage Can Do for You

Moving overseas or interstate? Store your belongings in a Vault Mobile Storage Box While Your Away

Your personal belongings are important to you, so choose the right mobile storage company, one that is trusted by many South Australians. We know how to safeguard your goods, we understand that not all mobile storage companies are the same, and we can help you choose the right pod storage solution for your needs. Call Vault, your local mobile box storage hire company in Adelaide with over 30 years of experience in the moving and storage industry.

Not all storage unit options are the same, and the services that mobile storage hire companies can provide you, provides more flexibility and a mobile storage option that comes to you. What makes Vault stand out from its competitors is its flexible and secure mobile storage options. You have the option to store your valuables in a mobile storage box on your driveway or in your front yard, or we can store them for you in our secure storage facilities.

You Can Store It

If you have a property with extra space outside, that's where you can place the Vault mobile storage box with your valuables inside of it. If you don't have that space at home, but you have a friend or a family member who agrees to look after your stuff while you are gone, you might be able to convince them to place the Vault mobile storage box on their property instead.

Whether it's your friend's place or yours, our team provides free and easy delivery of Vault boxes to any location in Adelaide, from small driveways to narrow laneways. We can deliver our mobile storage box to your desired location so you can start packing your items and finally store them inside the box for security and protection.

We Can Store It

If you simply do not have a property on your own because you're renting, or even a friend in Adelaide who can watch over your items for you, leave the safekeeping to us at Vault.

We have a secure storage facility here in Adelaide where you can keep your mobile storage box for the period that you're working interstate or overseas. In addition, if you keep your belongings in our temperature-controlled storage facility, you will have no worries about protection, and there is monitored security on the premises too.

This option also applies if the Vault box was initially placed on your property or on a friend's property and you realised that it wouldn't be realistic and safe to store your belongings outside for a long period of time. Moving your Vault box to our warehouse would be the perfect solution for you. We can pick it up and move it back to our facility with your belongings intact and kept safe inside it. We want to make things easier for you!

We can deliver our mobile storage box to your location, you can pack your items, we’ll then collect the Vault box, and store it safely and securely in our storage facility in Adelaide.

Vault Mobile Storage Box Sizes

Mobile storage boxes delivered to your home or business in Adelaide

At this point, you’re probably wondering what size mobile storage box do you need to fit all of your valuables into it? Trust our team to help you choose the right one that's perfect for your unique and individual storage requirements.

Our vault boxes are made with strong, solid steel construction for durability and weather-proofing. They also come with a lockable unique key system for complete security. Whatever the reason you need mobile storage for, our flexible mobile storage rentals are available for you.

Small Vault Box

Capacity: 10 cubic metres

Max load weight allowed: 2 tonnes

Large Vault Box

Capacity: 120 cubic metres

Max load weight allowed: 2 tonnes

Unloaded box weight: 700 kg

If you are unsure how many boxes you need, feel free to visit our Vault Box Sizes page or contact us for immediate assistance. We can assist you with a recommendation based on the list of items you need stored.

Why Choose Vault Mobile Storage

You can trust that Vault Mobile Storage will take good care of your items while stored in our warehouse, and with our mobile storage rentals, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a modern and convenient storage solution that’s right for your property size

Unique Delivery Process

At Vault, our delivery system allows us to get into tight spaces. Ask us how!

Free Delivery

We offer free delivery and collection for up to 3 Vault boxes within the metro area when you store with us for more than 12 months **Conditions apply

Easy Delivery

Our delivery system makes it easy to deliver the Vault box on your property or driveway.

Easy Online Payments

Our system allows you to pay online and arrange delivery and collection.

Flexible Storage

Instead of one big unit, store in two storage units for easy access.

Protection Wraps Included

We include 10x felt blanket so you can protect your items when loading your mobile storage box.

First Month Free

Receive your first month for FREE if you book your Adelaide Mobile Storage Box for 6 Months or more.

Weather Proofing and Insulation

Our Vault mobile storage boxes are completely weatherproof and insulated, perfect for the South Australian climate.

Unique Key System

Our Adelaide Mobile Storage Boxes are fitted with a unique key system, making it secure storage without the need for your own lock.

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We’re here to assist with cost-effective and smart mobile storage solutions in Adelaide, and we’ll work in with your timings and plans to accommodate your storage needs in-between. If you are not ready to say goodbye to some of your personal belongings, we are here to provide the most efficient storage solutions that will keep all of your non-travelling, tangible personal items safe in one place until you come back home.

Vault Mobile Storage guarantees high-quality mobile storage hire in Adelaide at an affordable price. You’ll also benefit from the professionalism and experience we have in the industry. Book your vault boxes delivery date today!