November 2, 2021

How To Pack Your Fragile Valuables for Storage

Box labeled as fragile

If you plan to move or reduce the extra baggage in your house, you might store some items in a storage facility. One of your concerns may be how to pack your valuables and fragile items for transportation to a MOBILE STORAGE ADELAIDE unit. Packing can be a challenging task on its own, and valuables and fragile objects present their unique problems with safe storage. However, if you follow these tips on how you can pack your valuables, your process will be much easier and less stressful.

Use high-quality Storage Boxes

With valuable items, you need to take all precautions, including investing in top-quality storage boxes. You may feel the need to reuse old boxes or use newspapers to pack your valuables. But, if you want your belongings to be safe, quality boxes are a must. For example, you could buy double-corrugated packing boxes and invest in professional packing papers instead of wrapping them with newspapers. This way, your valuables will be well secured and will also have no stains.

Cardboard Boxes

Avoid overpacking Boxes

When packing valuables to move to a MOBILE STORAGE ADELAIDE unit, do not overpack your boxes, as they may not hold much weight. If you are worried that your valuables may get damaged, consider packing them in sturdier cardboard boxes that can withstand any condition, such as punctures and quick movements that cause shock, especially when you opt for mobile storage. Also, avoid leaving space in the boxes for your valuables to move around as they may get damaged. As you work to minimizee the weight, remember to keep the valuables safe and snug during transportation.

Wrap the Fragile Valuables

The best way to protect your goods is to wrap every one of them separately before you pack. If the pieces are extra fragile, wrap them with bubble wraps first and finish with packing paper. Then, arrange them slowly in the packing boxes and avoid banging them together. The storage facility will ensure that your valuables are in the best condition that you packed them and they are safe for storage once you have packed them appropriately.

Label your Boxes

Before you load up the boxes into a MOBILE STORAGE ADELAIDE unit, ensure that you have labeled the fragile boxes to ensure the self-storage company handling the valuables knows they need to be handled with extra care. You should also show the type of valuables you have packed in the boxes. Glass valuables should be stored with no other item on top of them. The items should also be well secured so they do not fall or slide. If you label the boxes with “electronics,” the storage company will know that your items need to be kept in a temperature-controlled setting.

Labelling your boxes

As you plan to transport your valuables to a MOBILE STORAGE ADELAIDE unit, remember to hire professional movers if you cannot take the valuables yourself. Professional movers know how to handle fragile items as they have years of experience doing it. Therefore, you will have peace of mind knowing that the professionals are loading the storage unit with care and ease.


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