December 21, 2020

Storage for Decluttering Your Home

Cardboard box

As minimalistic as one may intend to live, clutter seems to inevitably accumulate from time to time. Whether it’s a closet full of seasonal clothes, outgrown children’s toys, or furniture that needs a new home, the need to store belongings is a common one. Today, the options for storage have grown and enhanced. Some even try to convert their garage space into mini storage facility. Those who live in small apartments often rent storage spaces, others decide on giving or selling their belongings. Majority choose to live with clutter altogether. We provide a storage option that is convenient, especially secure, and as hassle-free as can be. Mobile Storage Adelaide is the most convenient way to get organised, create space, and keep belongings safely put away.


What is Mobile Storage Adelaide?

Movers unloading cardboard boxes from a moving van

Mobile Storage Adelaide is a self-storage solution that gives you the space needed for the clutter you want to break down and organise. Most importantly, mobile storage can travel to you wherever you are. We send away as many vault boxes as you need. Once it’s full, we will then transport the unit(s) to either our facility or to the desired address of your choice until complete. The travel that is provided takes the hassle out of transporting the items wished to be stored and minimises the possibility for damage as well.

Premier Storage Security

A woman taping a cardboard box with packaging tape

These storage facilities provided by Mobile Storage Adelaide are optimised for security. We understand the fear that comes with releasing valued personal belongings from your immediate watch and built our structures to assist in combatting that fear. The storage facilities are weatherproof. They are built to be immune to being negatively impacted by wind, water, or any compromising weather condition. Your items stored are guaranteed to be protected. Our storage facilities are insulated. In addition to being protected against all climate odds, the storage units are also kept secure through a unique key system. While traveling and while stored, we have equipped our storage facility with unbeatable technology that accounts for the safest storage in town.

The Whole Package

Two movers carrying a big pile of cardboard boxes

Mobile Storage Adelaide’s goal is to streamline storage options and clutter elimination. We strive to make the on-boarding process as convenient as possible with unit transportation from start to storage. We understand storing items is often a difficult choice as owners are forced to trust others with their valued items, which is why we have built our units to withstand the worst weather conditions and have optimised security. Eliminating clutter and creating your dream space has never been easier.

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