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What Makes Vault the No. 1 Adelaide Mobile Storage

When you think of mobile storage boxes in Adelaide, do you immediately think of those steel boxes or containers you see at warehouses or storage facilities? You are right about them being made with solid steel construction, but did you know you that you can hire one and have it delivered to your home or business so you can store your goods on-site?

While the traditional way of storing furniture and other items is at a storage facility, it is not always necessary if you hire mobile storage boxes instead. If you are taking an extended work contract overseas or doing a hotel renovation, there are certain occasions when you need to store items for shorter or longer periods of time, and it may be more convenient to store them where you can easily access them either at your home or at your business.

So when looking for the right mobile storage solution, consider if the storage company gives you the option to keep your storage box at home. Vault is more than willing to help you make the best decision while giving you the options and freedom to choose what's best for your mobile storage needs.

What Makes Mobile Storage Better Than Traditional Self Storage

Mobile Storage Box

Modern Storage Solution
A versatile, durable and modern solution that lets you keep the storage box at home.

High-Level Security System
Designed with a unique security system to ensure that your items remain safe.

Flexible Access Hours
Flexible and convenient access hours, whether temporary or long-term.

Effective, Efficient Solution
More cost-effective and efficient for storing for an extended period than renting a truck or driving to the facility.

Convenience and Confidence
It is ready to use as soon as it arrives at your location, which gives you confidence knowing it is just right outside your door.

Traditional Self-Storage

Traditional Storage Solution
You have to bring your personal belongings to the self-storage facility.

Since there are no delivery options, you will take care of the delivery yourself, which requires time, money and effort.

Limited Access to Your Belongings
The time of access to your goods is controlled by the facility's regulations.

Limited Availability
Traditional self-storage isn't always available, with some facilities closed during specific days or holidays.

Less Convenient for You
Not only will you need to bring your items to the facility, but you have to load and unload them yourself too.

Why Choose Vault Mobile Storage

What makes us the Number one mobile storage hire company in Adelaide? Vault helps you save time and money without compromising the safety and security of your valuables. We provide secure on-site storage boxes and take good care of your items at the storage facility as if they're our own.

  • Easy and Unique Delivery Process
  • Free Delivery **Conditions apply
  • Easy online payments
  • Flexible Storage

  • Protection Wraps Included
  • First Month Free
  • Weather Proofing and Insulation
  • Unique Key System

Mobile storage rentals are a convenient and modern-day storage option to the storage requirements of your home and business. Whether you are doing a renovation or temporarily moving to another city, state, or overseas, you will have a secure space to keep your belongings safe and dry.

Top Reasons You’ll Love Us

Excellent Customer Service
We are not only known for great security but also for dedicated customer service. We'll take care of your concerns from our first communication until the day you're ready to retrieve your items.

Easy Access to Your Goods
Whether you choose to place your Vault mobile storage box at home or at our storage facility, we want you to have control in accessing your personal belongings.

Secure Mobile Storage Box
Our premium storage boxes are made with strong, solid steel construction for durability and weather-proofing and come with a unique key system for complete security.

Convenient Storage Location
We are located in Adelaide, so delivering and unloading the Vault box will be quick. We make the process simple using modern, state-of-the-art equipment for your maximum convenience.

You Can Store It, Or We Can Store It for You

We don’t offer the traditional storage units that you might be used to because we deliver innovative, modern pod storage solutions. With our mobile storage rental, you can save time from having to travel to and from our storage facility when you want to add or store an item.

We give you the option to have your own mobile storage units on your property to make your life easier. If you ever need to grab something out of the box, you don’t have to worry about access hours and whether the unit is secure, as your Vault box is just right outside your home.

You have the option to store your Vault mobile storage box at home or have us deliver it to your location, collect it, and store it in our storage facility. Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with our professional team. You can visit our Get A Quick Quote or Contact Us for assistance.