July 24, 2020

Three Times in Your Life You Will Need Storage

There are actually many times when you might need storage in your life, and when you do, Storage Adelaide is at your service. But here are some major reasons you might want to rent a storage facility in Adelaide:

Home Reconstruction

Home reconstruction can actually be of two types, the planned type of happy reconstruction, and the unplanned, disastrous type. Supposing for example you decide to get a new roof on your house, or alternativelyto install solar panels, which can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a few years on electricity bills.

Or you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and completely redecorate your kitchen. On the other hand, there are unplanned disasters. A tornado. Or a cyclone smashes trees down upon your roof. Or a careless cigarette causes a small fire which destroys a small portion of the house.

Create more space during a home renovation with Storage Adelaide! Whether planned or unplanned, an event in which workmen will be operating for up to a week or more often means not only vacating the house but placing a certain amount of your valuables in storage.

Selling Your Old House and Buying New

Every year thousands of people sell their old house (perhaps they are now empty nesters and the home is too big for them, or they have an expanding family and home is now too small.)

First, to sell an existing home, most realtors will recommend staging the house.

Staging is stripping a house of all the remnants of their life and putting in temporary furniture which “stages the house” to look appealing.

You or your children won’t be sleeping on these beds, which are designed for their aesthetic appeal, not comfort, and you will not be eating on the gorgeous, walnut dining room table staged to attract buyers.

Staging is a good way to sell your house, but it means not only moving into temporary digs, but putting almost all of your goods into storage.

A staged house will typically sell for 17 percent more than an unstaged house which means in Adelaide, for example,  could mean selling your house for an extra $60,000 or more,  after all the expenses are cleared away.

Shacking Up

Whether you as a couple are getting married, recently married, or just living together, you may have decided that maintaining two residences makes no sense financially and move in together.

Unfortunately, moving from one residence to two often brings up a lot of unstated preferences and expectations. The female, no matter how liberal, may not appreciate her man’s collection of World War II motorcycles and sidecars.

Meanwhile, the male may not have expected, and won’t tolerate her collection of 200 unicorn toys she is saving to pass on to her 9-month-old girl when she gets to be 12.

Many couples, when moving in together, find themselves in the position where there are things they simply can part with, but can’t live together. The obvious answer is to find a safe and secure storage facility like Storage Adelaide at a decent price.

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