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Tips for Decluttering Before a Big Move

If you plan on moving to a new home soon, you need to start decluttering as early as possible. Even if your moving day is in a few weeks or months from now, it's good to start the decluttering process early so you'll have enough time to organise your personal belongings and figure out which ones can be left behind, stored away, or moved to your new home.

People with fewer belongings have less to worry about, but if you are moving with your family and have a lot of personal items to bring, decluttering before a move might feel like a treasure hunt. If you want less stress, more free time, and some peace of mind, learn some tips about decluttering your home before the moving day.

Taking the time to declutter before setting out can make the whole affair far more pleasant by allowing you to break down the large tasks into smaller action steps and lightening your load significantly day by day. So if you want to stay on track and on time through the decluttering process, this blog is what you need.

5 Pro Tips to Declutter Before Moving House

Set a Date

It's hard to separate clutter from essentials when everything is jumbled together. The first thing you need to do is set a date to give yourself plenty of time to clean and organise. Decluttering your entire home takes more than just one day, so to make things a lot less stressful, it's better to start a few weeks or months in advance. If decluttering alone increases productivity, choose a day when you have no appointments, no schedules, and no distractions.

Don't Procrastinate

If you have set a date, the next challenge is to find the motivation to begin decluttering your home. If you're someone who has never tried decluttering your entire home, room to room and floor to floor, it can be very emotional and overwhelming. As we mentioned, it can feel like a treasure hunt—discovering misplaced and hidden valuables—so you have to be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

One Room at a Time

If your house has many floors, you can start with the rooms you and your family use the least: attic, basement, shed or garage. Do it one room at a time so you will have the energy and enough time to go through all the things that are rarely and sometimes used and classify them based on their intended purposes and value. The best part about this is being able to ensure that the remaining items are clean and packed neatly before you move.

Decide What You Need

We know some things are hard to let go of, even if we don't use them often. It can be tough to decide what you need and don't need when decluttering, so consider if the items are worth keeping or if they are old or shabby enough to be replaced. There are things you can live without, so only pack the things worth keeping—the ones you think you will still need at your new place. You can donate the rest to charity or sell them at a garage sale so you can earn extra cash in the process.

Use a Mobile Storage Box

When in doubt, mobile storage is your secret weapon. If you have a lot of things you can't let go of, such as heirloom items or pieces with sentimental value, or if your new home has a smaller space to fit all of your furniture and other possessions, consider keeping them in a mobile storage box. Certain things are too expensive or valuable to be replaced, so working with a mobile storage company like Vault might be an ideal solution.

Move with Peace of Mind

The goal of decluttering your home early is to ensure a smooth relocation; however, not every item you will find while cleaning and organising can be dealt with so simply. If you're downsizing into a smaller space, or if certain items take too much time to consider, such as your large piece of furniture or memorabilia, Vault mobile storage box can safely hold onto these precious items.

You don't have to throw things away or sell them for the sake of downsizing. A mobile storage box will speed up the decluttering process, minimise stress and give you peace of mind when you move. Whether you're temporarily storing the storage box outside your home or at our secure facility, we guarantee maximum protection and security for your items.

With these tips for decluttering your home, we hope to make your move a big success. If you have questions about Vault Mobile Storage in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more information.

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