October 23, 2018

Tips for decluttering before a big move

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Moving to a new home is hard enough without having to bring extra baggage along. Taking the time to declutter before setting out can make the whole affair far more pleasant, so why not try these pointers?


Get organised first

It’s hard to tell what’s clutter and what’s essential when everything’s jumbled together. Instead of just throwing things in boxes based on which rooms they came from, be a bit more sensible by classifying and sorting items based on their intended purposes. For instance, most people already do this with kitchen utensils. While there are many valid exceptions, such as using blankets to pad fragile goods, separating things by their use in advance works wonders.

Think about how often things get used

Decluttering before a move can feel like a treasure hunt. In the course of packing and cleaning, families find old memorabilia, unearth things they thought had been lost for good and sometimes even discover junk that previous residents left in the back of closets and cupboards.

Although these unexpected encounters can be pretty exciting, their spoils aren’t always worth the extra effort or packing tape. If something pops up out of the blue, then it probably wasn’t getting used that much, so consider whether it’s truly necessary. Since travelling light is usually wisest, donate these wayward items to charity, the soon-to-be ex-neighbours next door or whomever else might put them to better use.


Consider how replaceable each item is

When it’s hard to decide if something’s worth keeping, just think about whether it’s easy to replace. Families who move to Adelaide from more rural areas often find it way easier to acquire essentials and luxury goods. Those who travel out into the boonies, on the other hand, experience exactly the opposite.

With the exception of items that have sentimental value, many of the household goods that Aussies rely on are inexpensive and simple to swap out for nearly identical alternatives. If something doesn’t quite fit into a moving box or seems like more trouble than it’s worth, then seriously think about donating it and picking up a new version on arrival.

Take advantage of Mobile Storage in Adelaide

Of course, not every item can be dealt with so simply. Certain things are too expensive, valuable or unique to be replaced, and conserving functional possessions is way less wasteful than chucking them out with the bathwater. Working with a Mobile Storage company in Adelaide might be the ideal solution.

Mobile Storage companies can safely hold onto items that need to be kept yet aren’t exactly conducive to a smooth transition. For instance, large pieces of furniture have a bad habit of creating obstacles when people are trying to pack up their things, so giving them to a reputable Mobile Storage firm is a great way to declutter and minimise moving stress. Since these items usually need to go into the new place before everything else, getting them out of the way first makes perfect sense.

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