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The Moving Checklist for the Busy Family

Are you getting ready to move with your family? Moving house can be busy and stressful, but it doesn't have to be chaotic. With a little preparation, things can be organised and successful.

In our previous article, we enumerated the top things you'll enjoy if you move to Adelaide and how we can help with our mobile storage boxes. In this blog, we'll provide a checklist or guidelines to ensure a safe and smooth relocation despite your busy schedule.

Downsize and Declutter Early

Remember that when moving to your new location, the fewer things you have, the better! If you start to downsize and declutter early, it will not only save you time and money, but it can also save you from stress and mess during relocation. So what can you do to downsize before a move?

If some clothes don't fit you anymore or things that are too old or too heavy to take to your new home, consider donating them to a charity or putting up a garage for extra cash. Doing this ahead of your relocation day will not only cut down on packing time, but also help you focus on other preparation and ensure your new home won’t be cluttered.

Ogranise the Remaining Items

Even after decluttering and downsizing months ahead of your moving day, there are still a lot of things to sort out. You can start by organising whatever is left after putting up a garage sale or donating to charity.

This may sound counterintuitive, but organising your belongings before the relocation day will drastically reduce packing time. Moreover, it will make it easier to unpack at your new place. You may not notice it, but as you are organising, you continue to get rid of the clutter little by little, which will make a big difference when the moving day arrives.

Book Your Mobile Storage Box

If you plan on storing your belongings while renovations are underway in your new home in Adelaide, a mobile storage box is the best solution. Unlike a moving truck that only delivers your items and unloads them to your new location, a modern solution like a mobile storage box allows you to store your valuables for as long as you need and unload them whenever necessary or at your convenience.

In addition, a mobile storage box also provides unparalleled convenience because you can store it on your property while you paint walls or replace flooring in your new place while keeping your items safe and intact throughout the storage period. Booking a mobile storage box is the perfect solution for safeguarding your personal belongings, especially heirloom items with sentimental value, large furniture and heavy equipment. Some items are too expensive to lose or get damaged, so store them in a mobile storage box for guaranteed security and protection.

One Room at a Time

We know it can be tempting to grab things from other rooms to fill up the box when packing, but don't do it. We've said it in our Tips for Decluttering Before a Big Move blog, if your house has many floors, do the packing one room at a time so you will have the energy and enough time to go through all the things that are rarely and sometimes used and classify them based on their intended purposes and value.

Make sure to keep the boxes limited to each room so the unpacking process will be much faster. It is also important to label the boxes, preferably on more than one side, to help ensure the movers put your stuff in the right place and make it easy to read even in a stack. Colour code with duct tape or markers to avoid having to write the room names over and over again.

Make a Moving Binder

Do you have a lot of documents and files to take with you? Making a moving binder will help a lot. It keeps all your important documents and moving information in one place, so it’s easy to find during the move.

Your moving binder can also contain a list that includes your moving checklist, moving budget, receipts and permits. You may want to include copies of birth certificates and IDs, medical documents, and more. If possible, you can also keep a catalogue of what’s being transported in the mobile storage box.

Pack an Essential Box

When loading your items in the mobile storage box, you can pack an essentials box. This box shall contain the things you want to unpack first, such as your bedsheets, shower curtains, hand towels, soap, toilet paper, paper plates, paper towels, scissors, etc.

Label the box clearly and ensure it’s the last thing packed, so it’s also the first thing out when unloading your items from the mobile storage box.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Procrastinate

It's well and good to take things one at a time, but don't procrastinate just because the moving day is still months away.

Decluttering your entire home can be overwhelming, especially for a busy family, as it can feel like a treasure hunt. However, you can make it a fun activity with your family during your free time and take it as an opportunity to teach your kids how to pack small items. If you have set a date for your moving day, find the motivation to begin organising and decluttering your home.

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When choosing a mobile storage box in Adelaide, consider checking the company's reputation and years of service. You can also check the available sizes and storage options, whether you can store on-site or off-site. Of course, you can ask for delivery and collection services.

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