August 19, 2020

Tips for Storing Fragile Items

Fragile Packing

Moving to a new home is a massive undertaking. Not only do you have to take all your belongings to a different residence, but you also have to get them there in one piece. Once you’ve got your unit for Mobile Storage Adelaide, you need to think long and hard about how to protect your most fragile possessions. From glasses to televisions, mirrors to plates, your belongings big and small come under threat during a move. Follow this basic guide to ensure you pack properly. Once you see your old possessions in their new surroundings, you’ll be glad you took the precautions.


a woman wrapping glass in paper for packing

Before you transfer your things and make use of Mobile Storage Adelaide, you need to secure your fragile glassware. The best way to pack glasses is in a cardboard box. Crumple up some paper and toss it in the box for protection. Then wrap each individual glass in its own piece of paper. Make sure you put the heaviest glasses at the bottom of the box. Once the bottom of the box is filled, you can stack additional glasses on top. Leave some room at the top of the box for additional packing paper. Once you’ve got your box filled with paper above and beneath the glasses, seal it up tight. Properly secured, your box of glasses should do just fine.


a pile of plates inside a cardboard box

Like glasses, plates need plenty of packing paper for safe and secure transportation. First toss some wads of paper into the empty box. Then carefully wrap each individual plate. To do this, place a piece of paper at the bottom of the box. Set a plate down on top of the paper and wrap the paper around the plate. Then, put another plate on top of the paper and wrap the corners of the paper around this additional dish. Once you’ve taped the paper into place, layer another piece of paper on top of the upper plate and begin the process again. By using this method, you can keep each plate safe and snugly attached to the others. When the box is nearly full, add some paper on top and seal it tight.


a group of friends moving the TV

Televisions might be big, but they’re just as fragile as dishes and must be treated accordingly. Remove any cords, roll them up, and stash them in a small container along with the remote. Then cover the television with foam padding and place it upright in a cardboard box. Use packing paper to fill the space so the TV can’t move around. Be sure to keep the box upright throughout the moving process.


a couple packing their stuff in cardboard boxes

Not only are mirrors fragile, but breaking them is said to be bad luck. That’s why you should wrap them in foam and place them in an appropriate-sized box. Pack the boxes tight with paper, seal them up tight, and get ready to look for Mobile Storage Adelaide. Your mirrors and everything else, if packed right, will arrive safe and sound.

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