October 22, 2020

Home Staging for Open Houses

Home staging ideas

Are you planning to relocate from your home to a new location and wish to sell your house? You must prepare the house for a potential buyer, by taking up various steps, referred to as home staging.

Most people struggle with their items and may opt to get a Mobile Storage Adelaide on the actual moving day. The main question, however, is always how to speed up the sale and get moving. Below are essential steps that will attract potential buyers fast:

De-Personalize the House

a woman arranging flowers in a vase for home staging

Every prospective home-buyer wishes for a space they can instantly connect with as their own. The secret to this is getting rid of personal touches like portraits while maintaining the natural charm of the house. Ensure that your fridge doesn’t have stickers hanging on it, and keep your clothes stashed in locked cabinets.

Any religious effects should be out of sight, with personal bathroom effects such as toothbrushes and towels put in cabinets. These measures help your potential buyers connect with the house, and positively affects their decision making.

Get Rid of Clutter

a middle-aged woman wrapping bubble wrap on a big jar while decluttering

Most buyers want to see space in the house they are buying, and this space may get eaten up by clutter. The best way to make your home look bigger is by renting a Mobile Storage Adelaide unit where you can store unwanted clutter.

Most people also opt for Self storage facilities to stuff away unused things like seasonal clothes. Other items not used daily such as games and papers should be out of sight, to prevent their using up of important space.


a group of stagers cleaning every corner of the living room for home staging

When putting your house up for sale, it should be sparkling clean. Every part of the house, from dark corners to the spaces below, furniture items should be thoroughly dusted. Cleanliness always gives the buyer the notion that the previous owner took good care of the house. It is also essential the buyer notices they won’t need to do a lot of cleaning when they move in.

Make the First Impression Count

a well-arranged white-themed living room with sofas and a carpet

The entrance to your house is the first thing a potential client will see, and it remains at the back of their head all through the house tour. If your lawn or driveway is cluttered with seasonal decorations, it is essential to get a Mobile Storage Adelaide service, where the items are stored. After de-cluttering, do a facelift of the entrance, by adding a few live plants and a beautiful welcome mat to make the house look like home.

Make Repairs

a person sealing a hole in the wall with white paint

If your house has scratches, holes or breakages, this is the perfect time to have them patched up or repaired. Potential buyers are keen to detail, and any sign of breakage will turn them off. For chipped paint, you can do a complete painting of the house or a patch up of the affected walls. When potential buyers notice the effort put into making the place look right, they get impressed, and it increases the chance of them buying the house.

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