December 4, 2019

Best International Destinations for a White Christmas

Christmas Decor

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ is right around the corner. In this article, we at Mobile Storage Adelaide will give you eight fantastic destinations that you may want to consider visiting for your Christmas holiday.

If you want a white Christmas holiday to remember, then these destinations should be on your list. We know they are for us here at Mobile Storage Adelaide.

winter christmas

Top Destinations For a White Christmas

Rovaniemi, Finland

Hitting off the list is Rovaniemi, Finland. Finland is such a great place to enjoy a GUARANTEED white Christmas holiday. Not only is this a guaranteed winter holiday, but this is also the true hometown of Jolly Old Saint Nick. If this doesn’t sell this destination, then we don’t know what will.

santa in reindeer sled

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany 

With the fantastic Alps to and numerous ski resorts, you can rest your mind at ease, knowing that you will most definitely have a holiday to remember by visiting this icy city. Nothing is better than cuddling up by a warm fire with a hot chocolate in hand in a winter wonderland.

Alpine christmas

Prague, Czech Republic

Not a city destination for a Christmas Holiday vacation, but here at Mobile Storage Adelaide, we do our best to find the best vacations away for those who may want to spread their wings and explore this amazing planet of ours.

Prague is a great destination for kids who may love the Zoo. This city has the #4 Zoo in the entire world. This is a treat all unto itself.

Prague in Winter

St Petersburg, Russia

Mother Russia. Much like the northern European countries, if you are looking for a GUARANTEED white wonted holiday, then St.Petersburg is the place to go.

st petersburg winter

New York, USA

“The Heart Of The World.” New York City is easily a vacation destination away for many people. With Time Squares, Central Park, and just the New York atmosphere, this is a beautiful place to visit and, more importantly, a great place to visit for Christmas and New Year (assuming you can stay that long).

Christmas in New York


Whistler, Canada

Much like the Northern European counties, if you are looking for a guaranteed white snowy Christmas then Whistler is the place to go to. With ski slopes, snow-filled forests, glaciers, ice-skating and more you won’t fall short of things to do in Whistler this Christmas. With cosy lodges with fireplaces and a cute winter village that transforms into a Christmas wonderland, Whistler is one of the best places to experience a white Christmas.

whistler canada winter


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