February 26, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering

organized home

A quick look around your living space may make you feel a little crowded. Unfortunately, clutter can feel like an unavoidable aspect of daily life but it doesn’t have to be. There are some simple ways you can minimise clutter in as little time as one weekend including options for Self Storage Adelaide.


woman carrying a basket while organizing laundry storage

Evaluate your storage space. You can buy sturdy cloth bins for the tops of your closets and organizers for your drawers. Easy to construct shelving can be put into otherwise unused space in closets or tucked into corners to help keep things organized. The goal is to utilise all of your space as well as you can. If you are looking for extra storage consider ottomans and bench seats that open up for extra space for blankets and momentos.


woman putting clothes inside a donations box

Take a look through your clothes, movies, books, and kitchenware. Ask yourself if you have used each of these items in the last three months or if you are sure you will use them in the next three months. Chances are that you have more things that are just taking up space than you realise. Gather up anything that doesn’t make the cut and take it all to your local charity shop.


living room decorated with green furniture, plants and nature paintings

It can be hard to look at all of your decor and pick and choose between it but you probably don’t need everything that you have displayed. Take a look at your tables, walls, and cabinets. Consider what decor you still like and what is there because you just never removed it. It can be hard to store or get rid of items that have sentimental value but it’s important to remember that you don’t need that item to keep the memories and feelings you associate with it.


a man in a red shirt and jeans pulling storage gate down

There are always going to be items that you don’t use very often but that you need to keep. Use self-store for seasonal items like decorations, cold weather clothing, or bulky items like furniture that you want to keep but don’t have a place for right now. This will get clutter out of your house but keep these items safe and secure. There are many easy options for Self Storage in Adelaide.


an organized shelf with a line of books and plants on top, inside a bedroom

Decluttering your home can seem like an impossible task but tackling the project one step at a time makes the entire process basically painless. Setting aside a single weekend for the project will let you get it done quickly and you’ll be satisfied with your work at the end of the weekend. Remember that there are quick and easy options for Self Storage Adelaide.

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